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Tyra Beauty Business Shut Down: Shocked & Hurt




As a person who joined Tyra Beauty in January I am shocked and hurt to hear that Tyra has decided to shut down business operations in Beauty Direct Sales. While I have been blindsided in a way it is not totally shocking. But it does hurt after you have put your time , energy and hopes into a business.

Just the last week I had 4 Beautytainers sign up with me and another Beautytainer I was already training. I was busy promoting them and helping them find themselves in their new business. Only to get TyraMail from Tyra saying that the Tyra Beauty was shutting down business operations in July 2017 . Wow…




There are a number of reasons why I am hurt that Tyra Beauty is closing. As an Entrepreneur I look for good investments and I acquire them. While I already had my hand in the beauty cookie jar with other MLM companies I liked what Tyra Beauty brought to the table. Namely Tyra. She is a brand in and of herself and she is shall I say Fierce. Lol. Ok we can laugh. Let it out lol.

We love her story and yes … We were rooting for her!!! Lolll. Ok I like to joke and maybe we need some laughs right now. I took a look around Facebook and I see that many people are bummed by this.

Especially since Tyra Beauty just rolled out a new website and some new toys. I thought Tyra did a super job with her business set up. We had a lot of cool things to work with.




Because I do not know what went on behind the scenes I will not comment on what Tyra shut down Tyra Beauty. There will be people who rag on her unfairly and those who defend her to the hills. I will not be neither because I just don ‘t know what happened.

I do know that business is hard. She put herself on the line. She believed in herself and yes she believed in millions of ladies across America and the world that we would be able to build a business with her brand. I am a man who saw the power and possibility of her business being successful. The next thing after Mary Kay and Avon.

Though I like Mary Kay and Avon and they are still viable and powerful business options. I was looking for something more today and forward looking brand wise. Tyra gave us that. But running your own business for the first time is hard.

That is why many of us jump on to MLM. Because who has the money, connections, and business savvy to deal with all the lawyers, taxes, and people . So I think it is wise that we not be so harsh on Tyra. She took the jump. She put in the time.

I think she saw that it was not worth the time and money that she had to invest to make this business viable. So it was better to jump ship instead losing more time and money down a dead end street.




Tyra Banks Makeup Sale

Tyra Beauty & Makeup

I will say this. Tyra had a great idea. She had great products as far as I can tell. My wife tried one of her products . It looked great!!! Sorry my wife is not much for makeup or business she did not try the rest of the products that I asked her to try from Tyra. So I cannot tell you much about the quality of Tyra ‘s makeup products. But I assume that they are super. I have heard that much and I saw the names of those who were killing it. I was like wowww this is a great business to invest in.

So I told ladies about it and I am glad I got some ladies on my team this week. It felt great and the new ladies were super excited to start. I was super excited to help them. All I need is some ladies to show the ropes of how to sell beauty products online and in person. I knew we were going to rock.

Then I saw the news in my inbox today. Tyra sent us TyraMail. It was not good. She said she was closing down Tyra beauty.


Wow what a bummer. But I see it like this. Tyra tried her best .  I believe it. I believe she had a great idea that did not work out. She is a Super Model who had a successful tv show and a very successful Reality show. Now she has lasted in Direct sales for a a few years.

I cannot say that she failed. She did it! She had the guts to try it. She stepped out there and said I can do it. She said we can do it. She gave us tools to make it happen. They were pretty good in my opinion. I don ‘t know what hang ups she found or got caught in. But as we business owners know. It is a doggie dog world out there and sometimes you have to fail before you succeed.

The business world is a greedy and hungry place. And we are not even talking about the people . It is just that numbers don’t lie. They only reveal when we should move on to something next. Maybe her taking her Beauty company directly to stores is a better way for her to make money.

Maybe her Tyra Beauty brand will be successful outside of Direct sales. Sometimes you need to open a door to figure out that it is not for you. Only to find out that the next door is. That is life.

I for one wish Tyra the best success in her next move.


To the Beautytainers who are now without the hope of building their fun and exciting Tyra Beauty Business. This is what I say to you. Never give up. If you want to sell beauty products for a living or extra income. Never give up. There are many beauty brands out there that might be a good fit for you.

I have a top 3 that I recommend. Mary Kay, Avon, and Motives. Shop my Mary Kay site 24 hours a day!


Share with us how you feel about Tyra Beauty closing? 


Although Tyra Banks Beauty business is now closed. The products and the excitement is real! If you would like to shop at Tyra ‘s shop here is a link.



Tyra Beauty Products Closing